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I’m away on holiday for a month so I’m taking the time to try new things to help ongoing health problems.

I’m swimming every day - sometimes pool sometimes the sea which is really helping aches and pains.

I’m trying to eat 30 different fruits and vegetables in a week. ( Tim Spector advice ) You can repeat them but can’t count them on your list. Hope to improve my micro biome for IBS help - on second week and it’s going well.

Also we are doing A-Z dating - Holiday edition - although not in order

And so far we’ve been to:

A- Apollan Temple -

B - beach dining

I - Italian meal - spaghetti

N - no spend day -

Q - quiz - in the house lol Podquiz - can recommend

W - walking to the beach

Often do Lego with grandkids but never thought about getting it for myself on a rough day

Will certainly check out the hotel game lots of love

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I love this new feature! ♥️ That book sounds really interesting. It could give me a better understanding to Jewish culture, so I would really like to read it. Exercise-wise, I used to do pilates for 10 years but was recommended strenght and resistance training for better and faster results. Over the past 8 months of lifting weights, yes I have lost weight, but at the same time workouts felt like a chore and I felt drained of all energy afterwards. I've realized that I miss my pilates days so I got back to that. Now I enjoy moving my body again and feel great after every session. We need to prioritize exercise for health and feeling good, not for chasing vanity and beauty standards.

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Love this 💖 I’m once again going through changes and I’m using crochet to relax and my addictive hospital game 😄

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I love Lego! I'm in the process of doing the Starry Night one 😁 also I have now downloaded that game, I used to love Diner Dash so right up my alley 👍

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Love this new feature! And happy to hear you’re back to a work routine that works for you 😊

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