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The friendship breakup book is so needed. No one is ever prepared for that first big friendship breakup, but once it happens and you share with others, you discover it happens all the time. It’s surprising how little people talk about it.

On the topic of mouth taping, if you want to go down another connected rabbit hole look into tongue ties. That’s where I learned that your tongue should be lightly suctioned to the roof of your mouth whenever your mouth is closed. It’s helped me breathe through my nose better and helps better keep my mouth closed. Supposedly people tongue ties have problems with tongue suction and that leads to the mouth breathing. But it’s not something widely accepted as a problem in western medicine other than for babies.

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Please share your focaccia recipe with us!

I’m really looking forward to the friendship book when it’s published (which I have no doubt it will be) I’m definitely first in line!

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Hi Michelle, just popping in to say I love your newsletter and I’m so glad I became a paid subscriber! I found you through a video on Hannah Witton’s channel a while ago and immediately read your books afterwards. So happy to now also be reading your newsletters!

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