I always find myself as a “big fish in a little pond” career wise, often in a job which sounds impressive on the surface but in reality, the bar is on the floor compared to my actual capability so it’s easy to achieve. I’ve just accepted my first role in an amazing national charity where I’ll be the most junior, inexperienced person on the team and I’m bricking it! Partly because what if I’m a let down, but also because... what if I’m not?!

I work hard, I’m passionate and so willing to learn so my gut knows I will do a good job, which gives me a knot in my stomach just thinking about! Using all the self soothing tools I have in my arsenal and trusting that this is the right move - fingers crossed 🤞

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So often, I wouldn’t even know where to start. That made me not apply for jobs I’d been qualified for, not putting in the the work to make projects of all kinds as good as I know I could have done - I’m excellent at self sabotage, I have to say. I think I’m scared of ending up in the spotlight, or getting compliments.

But it’s something I’m actively working on with my therapist, and since I just recently got diagnosed with ADHD in my late thirties, it might also have a lot to do with that.

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