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When travelling with friends I have a community purse that we all put a set amount into and top up as needed.

My main difficulty is being a non drinker if on holiday with drinkers- I can get fed up with paying for their alcohol - so it’s a tough conversation about maybe putting in less or something like that. Too miserable to have separate bills

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I have only been on holiday with friends once in my life. I’ve just not got that kind of friendship group, I’ve got lots of friends but they tend to have their own groups of friends they go away with. The one time I did, the friendship ended shortly afterwards. I now really enjoy going on holiday alone. It takes all that stress away. Im an introvert so I don’t mind the time alone and I can do my own mix of sightseeing and relaxing, manage my budget and listen to my body.

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I remember being frustrated at some friends once because I am an early bird and I wanted to leave early and they were having breakfast at noon. So we have to decide what activities we're doing as a group and what I am fine doing solo.

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