"We can label people as ‘chronically online’ or we could actually look underneath and ask why so many feel unsafe in the real world."

This really got me thinking. I'd say that I spend most of my time online when:

a) I am super stressed and have too much to do and I'm running away from it and/or before falling asleep as means to do something that's my choice

b) I'm running away from my feelings

c) I have nothing "better" to do, when my life offline isn't fullfilling

d) all of the above

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I definitely catch myself opening and closing instagram repeatedly. I deleted twitter during lockdown, and it was such a good decision for my mental health. And I only use Facebook for my little cake business.

But I do have to tell myself to put my phone aside and find something else to do, when the circle of open-close begins. Luckily I realise it pretty quickly now.

Lockdown was definitely the worst for it, I agree!

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